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Qualitative Research & Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research -It could be unstructured and explanatory that provides insights and problem setting and problem-solving

Quantitative Research- is a research methodology that seeks to quantify the data and typically, applies some form of statistical analysis.

Quantitative Research Objective that leads To quantify the data generalize the results underlying reasons from the sample to the motivations population of interest and sample.

Data Analysis

Non-statistical Statistical
This is not measured by statistical or statistical hypothesis also understanding. of action.

The rationale for Using Qualitative Research for Several reasons:

1. desirable: It is used in way of formal method

2. People may be unwilling (due to loss of privacy, the negative feeling of impact on their ego or status)

In both cases, the desired information can be done by the qualitative method.

Qualitative Research Classification

Two categories of Direct approach are:
(i) Focus groups
(ii) Depth Interview

Focus Groups

The most important qualitative research procedure is where an interview is presented by a trained moderator among a small group that does research unstructured and natural manner.

The moderator leads the discussion. Their purpose is to focus groups and goi insight by listening, talking, and showing interest in a small group to researchers. There have huge discussions among groups to solve the research problem.

Characteristics of Focus Group

prescreened Relaxed
informal atmosphere Hours Use of audiocassettes and videotapes

Communication skills of moderator Some Important Aspects of Focus Groups Most popular qualitative research technique, relatively inexpensive, can be used in almost any situation requiring preliminary understanding and insights. This technique has several advantages that include synergism, spontaneity, snowballing, serendipity, stimulation, specialization, security, scientific scrutiny, structure, and speed.

Focus group moderator

is needed to obtain quality research As the moderator plays a central role in the analysis and interpretation of the data.

Some Important Aspects of Focus Groups

include kindness
The ability to project incomplete understanding
Flexibility, and sensitivity.

Two ways in which the focus groups can be misused is in “yes” groups where they are designed to get the focus group participants to say what the clients want to hear and in decision groups where the marketing executives make decisions on the basis of focus groups rather than use the technique as a preliminary research step. Dual-moderator group: Dueling-moderator group: deliberately take opposite positions on an issue that is to be discussed.

Client-participant groups: It is part of a discussion group that solves the problem.

Mini groups: This group involves 4 to 5 respondents. Tele-session groups: phone using the conference call technique.

Online Focus Groups: Focus groups are conducted online over the Internet.

Advantages of the focus group: Synergism: A wide range of information, ideas, and insight can get then will individual responses secured privately.

Snowballing: in a group interview, in that one person’s comment triggers a chain reaction from the other participants.

Stimulation: Respondents are stimulated that do express their idea and expose their feelings as the general level of excitement over the topic increases in the group. Security: Because the participants’ feelings are similar to those of other group members. Spontaneity: Participants respond spontaneously (artlessness) and unconventionally and therefore should provide an accurate idea of their views. Structure: The group allows for flexibility in the topics covered and the depth with which they are treated. Speed: Since are interviewed at a time which leads to collecting data within a short time. Disadvantages of Focus Groups Misuse: FG can be misused and abused by considering the results as conclusive rather than exploratory.

Messy: FG tends to be messy/disorganized. Misrepresentation: FG results are not representative of the general population and are not projectable.

Depth Interview Advantages: Great depths of insights can be uncovered.

It associates the responses directly with the respondents There is no social pressure to conform to group responses Very susceptible to the influence of the interviewer. Application of Depth Interview Detailed probing of the individual. Discussions are sensitive, or on topics considered confidential, or embarrassing. Situations where strong social norms exist and the individual may be easily persuaded/swayed by group response. Detailed understanding of complicated behavior. Interviews with professional people.

Situations where the experience is sensory in states and emotions. product consumption nature affecting mood.

Classification of Survey Methods

Personal Mail Electronic
Mail Interview
Video Interview
Face To Face Interview
Telephone :

The survey can be happened by telephone and can ask many types of questions based on particular research.

Personal Mail Electronic:
It can be done by sending emails and giving forms also taking information based on various situations or habits of people using different types of products.


People can search for information via the Internet and then they can do various types of surveys on the Internet and based on the survey giving many peoples earn money.

Video Interview:

It can be vis Google Classroom skype or any group meeting and giving hypotheses to people to give accurate answers via video interview.

Face-to-Face Interview:

It could be for research many types of diseases of pregnant or married women that may they are suffering. Also based on that they can do a face-to-face interview and can take information from them to research any type of disease or symptoms.

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